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  • 20 September، 2015

The Smart Initiative for Tourism Promotion commemorated World Tourism Day with a Forum on the theme “Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism.” Active participants in the Forum included representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, the Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation, civil society organizations, the media and peace organizations.
Majed Elkheir, Manager of the The Smart Initiative for Tourism Promotion opened the Forum with a brief overview of the STPP whose aim is development of the Sudan tourism sector to foster the economic, social and cultural empowerment of the Sudanese people.The Forum featured an “Art vs War” exhibit by the National Cultural Policies Group and a presentation by Wigdan Seed-Ahmed from Sudanese Knowledge Society. Wigdan suggested that more funding be allocated to artistic initiatives. The Art vs. War campaign is by the Napta Art and Culture Center.
Dr. Graham Abdulkadir, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, congratulated everyone on the success of the Forum emphasizing that the Ministry will cooperate with the private sector and will facilitate procedures for the sustainable development of Tourism in Sudan as a key economic sector.
IIPT Founder and President, Dr. Louis D’Amore addressed the Forum through a satellite connection. He emphasized Sudan’s rich history, diverse cultures, numerous archeological treasures, antiquities and historic sites and the beauty of it natural heritage – offer the potential for tourism to become a vital pillar of Sudan’s economy.