Home to World’s Largest Collection of Pyramids

Sudan celebrated World Tourism in Al Begrawiya, an area that includes the world’s largest collection of Pyramids. Participating in the event were a number of federal officials and 16 State Ministers of Tourism as well as numerous civil society and private sector organizations.
The Conference was organized by the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife and Ministry of Tourism River Nile State. Featured keynote speakers included Assistant President, Abdulrahman Al-Mahdi; Governor of River Nile, Hatim Al-Wasila; Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, Mohamed Mustafa Abu Zaid; and Minister of Investment, Tourism, Industry and Mining of the River Nile, Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud.
They emphasized Sudan was endowed with many tourism assets which had the potential to make tourism a key pillar of the Sudan economy. Sustainable tourism development would also provide for cultural and environmental enhancement as well as socio-economic benefits including job creation within the industry and related fields. Development of tourist infrastructure was a priority for attracting international tourists which in turn would bring needed foreign exchange to Sudan.
The Conference also hosted experts in various fields of various fields of tourism. Mr. Majed Elkheir, Founder and Managing Director of “The Smart Initiative for Tourism Promotion” was one of the prominent expert speakers.”
His project is an ambitious and pioneering national Initiative that aims to develop the tourism sector in Sudan and to foster the economic, social and cultural empowerment of the Sudanese people.
The Project has been developed by Net 249 Advertising Co. by utilizing digital technology for an eye-catching promotional mix for the global marketing of Sudan tourism as well as raising awareness among Sudanese citizens regarding the economic, social and cultural benefits of tourism.
Since its start up five years ago, more than sixty specialists have been working on the project from various disciplines including tourism, information technology, design, marketing, translation, history, archeology and art production. Elements of the project include web design and marketing, three dimensional displays of archaeological sites, billboards, brochures and advertising publications, promotion of authentic art and handicrafts from various tribes of Sudan, and an animated series.
Mr. Elkheir mentioned that there are 20 active well designed websites promoting Sudan asking the audience to support the Initiative.