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Project (STPP)

Sudan Tourism Promotion Project is an ambitious pioneer national project aims to develop tourism sector in Sudan initiated by Net249 Advertising Co.

The project emerged from an old idea which has been applied by net249 team outside the Sudan in 2003 and was yielding remarkable results comparing with other promotional tools. This idea has been developed by Net 249 Advertising Co. by utilizing the great evolving digital technology to become an eye-catching promotional mix serving the promotion of Sudan tourism globally, as well as raising awareness of the citizens about the potentials of the field of tourism and how to use them economically, culturally and socially.


Since its start up to date more than sixty specialists are working on this project from various disciplines (tourism, information technology, design, marketing, translation, history, art production).

How t Work

The idea of the project based on targeting a set of institutions and companies to sponsor the archaeological sites and tourist attraction areas, each one to be fully sponsored by a company or institution; in return, it will be provided excellent advertising opportunities to put its logo on all the components of the project.


Net249 Advertising signed a memorandum of understanding with Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife. The project will be launched officially in March 2014 under the patronage of Tourism Minister and with a large attendance of media.

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  1. World Tourism Fair in Madrid.
  2. Sudan Tourism International fair.